Is CryptoTab Worth It?

Why was CryptoTab Developed?

Ever since the invention of Blockchain Technology, and the creation of the first Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), a special set of people known as miners has remained crucial for the authentication and addition of new blocks to the blockchains. And the key motivator of these miners has always been fat rewards (given in form of cryptocurrencies) whenever they successfully mine a block first. However, mining blocks for a blockchain is no small task.

Is CryptoTab Browser Safe?

CryptoTab comes in two variants; The free (ordinary) browser and the paid (Pro) version (which costs about $2.50 as of the time of this writing). Being available in the Google PlayStore, and Apple Store, the App is most likely free from viruses and isn’t particularly harmful to devices. Though, you should exercise caution when downloading the software from any third-party website, in order not to download an infected software

  • It provides cheap mining opportunities. This is because users do not have to pay for powerful machines or set up mining Rigs in other to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • The mining process doesn’t slow down the devices either: According to the creators, the browser only makes use of “unused” resources in the device.
  • It is also easy to set up: The heavy lifting — like, the mining algorithms, setup, etc. — has already been taken care of. All a user needs to do is register an account, and activate the mining. Once they generate sufficient funds (which is at least 0.00001 BTC), they can easily transfer them to their wallet.
  • A Large Community: The official website of CryptoTab states that there are more than 25 million users around the globe. And considering the browser has been around for a while, you can easily find answers to a lot of your questions easily on the internet.
  • Use Of Bitcoins For Payment: CryptoTab pays in a popular cryptocurrency — i.e. Bitcoin — making it easy for users to withdraw the coins into their wallets and easily make use of it without needing to convert it first
  • Referral/Affiliate Program: The referral program provides users the possibility of earning passively. The referral program is also legal, and well structured.

Does CryptoTab Really Mine Bitcoin?

When I took a deeper look into the browser, I realized that it didn’t really seem to use the device resources for the mining process.

  • CryptoTab also makes a lot of money selling Cloud boosts, to those who wish to mine Bitcoin, but are not great at recruiting. So if you’re asking, “how does CryptoTab make money?” there is your answer. Though, the probability of breaking even (i.e. making back your money) from using the Cloud Boosts alone might be precarious.
  • The browser tries to get as much User Information as possible — demanding that they sign up with their Google account, and requests more and more permission from the user’s Google account, which they’d have to agree to, or forfeit using the service. And, in case you don’t know…
  • Your personal data (after being collected) could be used or sold — this is how those annoying Ads manage to follow you around the internet. Though I’m not saying they sell your information, you should know that they do collect it, and businesses seldom collect what they don’t use.



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Branditechture Design Agency

Branditechture Design Agency

Branditechture is a full-experience design and PR agency. Since 2014, we’ve been building successful brands from scratch and promoting real challenger brands.